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Via Pramarzo, 10080 Pramarzo TO (ITALY)

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+39 0124 512226


Damanhur University

We created a university to share the knowledge we have researched and put into practice over forty years.

All the study programs at Damanhur contain theoretical elements where you explore in detail the philosophical concepts of the subject matter and many practical exercises to learn how to apply the teachings in daily life. These programs integrate harmoniously with almost any spiritual path. The instructors are Damanhurian initiates with years of teaching and research experience.

Taking a course at Damanhur allows you to benefit directly from the mystical energies and synchronicity of the area. Damanhur and its Temples were built in the convergence point of four Synchronic Lines, the great rivers of cosmic energy that connect all of the galaxy—transporting information, forces and new evolutionary codes.

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